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Chiropractic care is about more than just easing back pain—it's a pathway to overall wellness. By gently realigning your spine, I help release your body's full potential for health and healing. This non-invasive approach not only alleviates discomfort but also improves mobility, enhances nerve function, and supports your body's natural ability to heal itself. Experience a holistic way to better health, designed with your unique needs in mind.


Manipulation of joints to relieve fixation, improve mobility, increase flexibility, and/or restore function. Can be performed manually (more likely to feel/hear 'popping' of any joints) or with the use of instruments (very unlikely to feel/hear 'popping' of any joints), whichever is preferred by the patient and/or indicated by their condition.

Adam Groch, DC


Groch Wellness, Raleigh

920 Paverstone Dr, Suite B
Raleigh, NC


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